Livestock Business Opportunities

Livestock Business Opportunities

For those of you who are interested in starting a livestock business, here is a list of livestock that are mostly occupied by the people of Indonesia.

1. Broiler chickens and laying hens

Eggs and chicken meat are the two most consumed commodities every day. In line with this fact, the business of laying hens and broiler chickens can be a very promising business prospect. Before jumping into this business, make sure you choose a trusted distributor and equip yourself with qualified knowledge so that the results you get can be maximized. Besides that, pay close attention to including the amount of capital that you will use. This is because the two types of businesses are included in the category of businesses that require a lot of capital.

2. Catfish

Livestock or catfish farming is one of the most sought-after businesses. Because, this one business can generate a lot of profit with minimal capital.

Catfish including many processed foods that are delicious and rich in nutrition. As reported by the FDA of America (Food plus Drug Administration), for every 100 grams of catfish it contains at least 105 calories, 2.9 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein, vitamin B12, potassium, and other nutritional levels.

3. Tilapia

Consumption of fish needs in Indonesia is quite a lot. Another type of fish that has many connoisseurs besides catfish is tilapia. This type of fish can reproduce in any medium and is harvested in a fairly short time. The capital required for tilapia cultivation is relatively minimal and the maintenance is not complicated.

4. Goat

As with chicken meat, the desire for mutton is the same, especially on holidays such as Eid al-Adha or qurban. Not only that, goat meat is also often used as a mainstay of food from satay, curry, and so on. To start this business you can start with small capital, depending on the type of business you choose. Goat care is fairly easy.

5. Cow

Cattle farming business is a promising business. The reason is, cows are livestock that can take many benefits. Ranging from meat, milk, bones, to cowhide which can be used for processed food and crafts. The demand for cattle tends to increase many times during major celebrations such as the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Even though the profits of this business are quite large, in practice this business requires a lot of capital. The required capital will later be allocated for buying cows and caring for them until they are of sufficient age to be sold.

6. Duck

In addition to laying hens and broilers, the business of raising ducks is also loved by many entrepreneurs. This is in accordance with the people’s interest in the consumption of duck meat and eggs which is stable from time to time.

Besides that, caring for ducks is also not difficult as long as you are painstaking and provide intensive care so that when the harvest arrives, the results will be maximized and the available ducks are of super quality.

In addition to the several livestock business opportunities above, you can also try other businesses related to cultivation such as betta fish farming and ornamental fish business. Both of them have good prospects from year to year.

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