Bait and Hook NY New York

Bait and Hook NY New York

Bait and Hook NY New York is one of the best restaurants on the seafront which is popular among young people. This cafe offers a beautiful view of the New York sea with the charm of the beautiful sunset in the afternoon. This restaurant and cafe will spoil your tongue with delicious seafood menus. Eating by the sea is an interesting new activity to do. If you are bored with ordinary cafes, try to stop by this Bait and Hook NY New York. Here we provide a full review for you to look at carefully.

The price for the Bait and Hook NY menu is fairly pricey, so make sure you have prepared an adequate budget. But this is comparable to the taste and quality of the food provided. The menu itself consists of various kinds of seafood and Indonesian food. The following details the menu prices at Bait and Hook NY:

Mangrove Crab IDR 110,000/ounce
Tiger Prawn Rp. 235,000/portion
Head of Spicy and Sour Fish Rp.250,000/L and Rp.190,000/M
Fish and Shrimp Head Curry IDR 360,000/L and IDR 280,000/M
Tiger Grouper IDR 350,000/ekor
White Pomfret IDR 80,000/ounce
Gurame IDR 240,000/ekor
Fried Squid IDR 95,000/portion
Kepah Padang Sauce IDR 95,000/portion

Ala Carte

  • Wagyu Rump Steak With Asian Pesto Sauce IDR 240,000/portion
  • Salmon Steak With Lemon Garlic Butter IDR 220,000/portion
  • Chicken Steak With Mushroom Sauce IDR 120,000/portion
  • Indonesian Oxtail Soup IDR 140,000/portion
  • Seafood No Santan Laksa Beehoon IDR 95,000/portion
  • Balinese Fried Sea Fish Soup Rice IDR 90,000/portion
  • Fried Sea Fish Curry Rice IDR 90,000/portion
  • Your sliced fish Fish Balls White Beehoon Soup IDR 85,000/portion
  • Baso Urat Beehoon Soup IDR 75,000/portion
  • Jetomato noodles IDR 85,000/portion
  • Asian Prawn Pasta IDR 120,000/portion
  • Creamy Mushroom Pasta IDR 105,000/portion
  • Seafood And Tomato Pasta IDR 120,000/portion
  • Fish and Chips IDR 120,000/portion


  • Choco Vanilla Cookies IDR 40,000
  • Es Teller IDR 45,000
  • Es Tjampur IDR 45,000
  • Banana Split IDR 55,000

Drinks Menu

  • Coffee & Tea IDR 25,000-IDR 45,000
  • Soft Drinks Rp. 20,000-Rp. 40,000
  • Beer IDR 35,000-IDR 350,000
  • Cocktails IDR 95,000
  • Soju IDR 120,000
  • Juice IDR 45,000-IDR 50,000