You Should Came To This Place For Eating

You Should Came To This Place For Eating

It is an interesting modern street food packed in a small alley of Maltby street filled with various fresh produce including breads, cakes, meats cheeses and antique products as well. You can find the signature and popular dish of United Kingdom, Scotch egg, the popular Monty’s Deli sandwiches and St John Bakery’s sourdough and fresh filled doughnuts, etc. It is a must visit for every foodie.

It’s delicious but really I could not finish one portion, yes thank’s to the amount of mayo. So, let’s just share. Mentai Rice, it’s actually very easy to make as long as you have kitchen blow torch or use the oven to broil the mentaiko sauce. The sauce itself is made from mayonaise, preferably Japanese mayo like Kewpie and mentaiko (pollock roe / cod roe). If it’s hard to find then simply replace it with tobiko (flying fish roe). Please do not skip the fish roe. Anyway, I bought the mentaiko from Tokopedia around IDR 270k for 500 grams, that’s a lot, I know. Alternatively, take a look at Papaya Supermarket or other big supermarket as mentaiko is kinda hard to find here.


In Covent Garden Market, you can find various shops, cafes and bars such as Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks or my favorite burger Shake Shack.


Every Saturday in Duke of York Square, you can find gourmet food market consists of 70 diverse stalls that sell everything from cakes to speciality breads, cheese to pies and Morrocan to Caribbean dishes. It is a fun way to experience the local market in London.


Tower Bridge is one of London’s iconic and must visit places, the famous spot is featured in so many tv shows and movies, and one of the best places to enjoy the majestic view of Tower Bridge is The Perkin Reveller restaurant.

Situated next to Tower Bridge, The Perkin Reveller offers traditional British food with contemporary twists. While enjoing the delicious food, guest can also enjoy the amazing view of Tower Bridge.
Scottish Salmon GBP 14.50
with lemon, capers, spinach and parsley butter

I made 3 dishes with this Mentai sauce, the first one is the one with crabstick served with rice that mixed with nori powder, you can also use furikake. The second is nori rice with salmon aburi. Lastly, sweet and savory beef with garlic butter shirataki noodles. Well, the last one is definitely my favorite.

The other option, go for garlic butter rice. Anyway, have a try and let me know which one is your favorite.

It’s been a while, I finally made it to update this blog again. Also beside sharing recipes, it’s a resto review. I’ve been very busy lately, well actually for the past few months (read: almost a year). Allow me to share, so for the past few months we, me and my partner, we got lots of project that we feel blessed. There are still many waiting to be finished. We made video content for social media, mostly cooking video. Not an easy thing, we’re still learning anyway but hey I think we really can make it better day by day. As it’s getting organized, I hope I can have more time to write here, also to make my own content especially for my Youtube channel. This year is gonna be fabulous.