Film Review: The Nun (Spoiler Alert)

Film Review: The Nun (Spoiler Alert)

All my friends and my friends know that I am really happy with movies and horror stories. In fact, when I looked at it, it was really horror, I was scared 1/2 to death. But, like blind love, being addicted to horror films and stories is really painful (sorry). Scared, but excited. It’s like everyone who is aware of being hurt but still being served (how do you do that?)

Well, after waiting quite a while (still waiting for a match even longer), I finally watched the horror film The Nun. This film just hasn’t aired yet, it’s already making people excited. From those who argue that the title reads “De Nan” or “De Nun” to those who link it with tajwid, even though they only know the idgham bigunna doang (I am so done with “what do you read when you die when you see hijayah letters?).

As a person who is happy with both the first and second The Conjuring films (although the 2nd one is not scary in my opinion), I also join in being part of the majority who are waiting for this the nun movie (btw, read “Nan”, ok? and don’t use qolqolah). The process of wanting to watch this film is really dramatic. There were 3 of my friends who asked me to watch this film, and I ended up watching it with another friend of mine by accident and being forced even though I also wanted to (forgive me my friends, I am a betrayal partner). Anyway, already ah, without any further do, let’s review this movie! (spoiler alert)

Of course, you still remember Valak, the devil wearing a nun costume who made his debut in The Conjuring 2 and haunted Ed’s family plus Lorraine Warren. In The Conjuring 2, Valak’s debut was considered successful as a top demon. But still, if you watch this film with my mother, who doesn’t have to worry about getting handlebars (Manadonese means “devil”), you’ll just laugh. How can I not laugh, when the scene Ed is exorcising Valak using Latin readings in Catholicism, my mother even screams “Well, this is like exorcising using the verse of a chair, uh, the reading is corrected by the devil” Yes, I’m pending because I’m afraid when I hear my mother like that! Well, you know, my mother used to go to a Catholic school, so I still memorized the types of prayers, how to make the rosary, etc. Moral: don’t watch horror with my mother, the feeling is that you can’t get it and you just want to laugh all the time.

Ok continue. The Nun film tells a horror tragedy caused by a demon named Valak. Against a rural background in western Romania in th. 1952 where there was a castle which was later made into a monastery and inhabited by more than one nun who was assigned to take care that the demon Saiton Valak was not seen coming from this castle. Previously, this Valak was sealed in a cage, dude. But because there was a bomb during World War 2 that hit the castle, the seal broke. So actually the cause of this valak was released, in my opinion, the Second World War (blame on Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor to make the Second World War so big). Can you make a thesis with the title “The Second World War As a Cause for the Rise of Demons in Romania.”