8 Human Lung Functions and How to Take Care of It

8 Human Lung Functions and How to Take Care of It

There are various lung functions that are important to support the survival of the human body. In addition to supporting the respiratory system, the lungs are also involved in the process of circulating oxygen to the blood. Therefore, lung health must always be maintained.

The lungs are a pair of organs located in the upper chest cavity, to be precise on the left and right. The right lung is divided into 3 parts or lobes, while the left lung is only two parts.

Human Lung Function

The human respiratory system is supported by the presence of lungs. This system occurs through a complex process. The respiratory system runs when there is air entering through the nose or mouth.

Protecting the heart organ one of the functions of the lungs is to protect the heart organ. The lungs are large and soft so they can act as protective cushions. Especially for protecting the heart from various kinds of collisions.

The Function of the Lungs Is to Become an Excretory Organ

According to the site https://healthnowclinic.org/ the function of the lungs as an excretory organ is to remove residual substances from the body in the form of gas. The general definition of excretion is a process of removing metabolic wastes and toxins from the body. The lungs are claimed to be excretory organs because the lungs form waste products of the body’s metabolism in the form of carbon dioxide. Hence, the lungs function as one of the excretory organs in humans. Apart from the lungs, other excretory organs include the kidneys, liver and skin. The kidneys produce waste products in the form of urine, the liver functions as an excretory organ in detoxifying toxins, and the skin makes residual substances in the form of sweat glands.

Balancing pH

when too much carbon dioxide circulates in our blood, the body will become acidic. If the lungs detect increased body acidity, then this organ will also increase the rate of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The goal is to remove more unwanted carbon dioxide and help balance the body’s ph.

How to Maintain Lung Health?

  • Do Not Smoke
  • Lots of Hand Washing
  • Avoid Air Pollution.
  • Exercise Routine

That’s the cooperation between the lungs and blood vessels in the body to carry oxygen throughout the body and dispose of carbon dioxide. The lungs are one of the important organs in the human respiratory system.