Fashion Shows That Had The Theatrics, Drama And The Bizarre

What are fashion shows? Why are fashion shows? Most of us mere mortals are rowing in the same boat, indented with a looming question mark, oblivious from a firsthand experience of being the fashion industry’s darlings. But still, we’re invested. It’s ludicrous, really. But that’s where magnetism resides. That’s where our escapist genome starts acting up in hopes of having a mini Luke Meagher or Kimbino moment even if it’s for a fraction of time.

Another big reason is our starvation for spectacles. The ostentatious nature of an event of such expanse is often overrun by the need to garner as much media attention (or ridicule) as possible. After all, it’s all about the $. However, limiting the extravagance to just a gimmick is a shallow observation, nonetheless. Moral obligations, political sentiments and homages often constitute the desire to put up a performance. And all these reasons give rise to interesting runway performances. Sometimes scary, sometimes emotional. But always a work of art.

Let’s have a look at some of the most theatrics heavy shows ever held:

Rick Owens SS 2016

Now no more ransacking your wardrobe, looking for something to wear. Just grab the person closest to you (consensually) and wrap them around your torso upside down. High fashion ta da. No, but on a serious note, the inspiration here, sprung from the concept of sisterhood and how women are always supporting each other. And that they always have each other’s backs. And in this case, quite literally.

Balenciaga Resort 2023

Yet another Balenci(saga). Collaborated with Adidas. Held the show at the New York Stock Exchange. Model’s faces were covered in latex. Show goers received a wad of fake cash. In conclusion, Demna was really onto something. The theme circled around the power of money and how deep we as humans have fallen into the trenches of American capitalism. Bravo!

Fredrik Tjærandsen For The CSM Show

Viral is an understatement. Fredrik Tjærandsen’s show broke the internet with innumerable retweets, reposts and shares. The comments were mostly harsh, blaming the outlandish costumery of his collection for Central Saint Martin’s BA show. But the psyche behind the same was exceptionally thought out, signifying a route between a dream and consciousness. Art is art.

Gucci FW 2018

Considered one of the eeriest shows in the history of international fashion, this show’s runway was built in the form of an operation theatre hallway. Few of the models were seen strutting the runway with an exact replica of their heads, clutched tightly in their hands. The clothes were good, just like any other Gucci show, but the creative direction, wow. Goosebumps.

Alexander McQueen Spring 1997

This collection of McQueen, called ‘La Poupée’ garnered much disdain from the press given the constricted cage one of his models, who was also black, had to wear. However, he was was clear that the connotaions to slavery and this look had no common ground. He wanted the models to look like dolls in sync with the theme and the cage just helped make the movements more puppet-like. Quite the show.