Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat

Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat, Can Diving to Snorkeling

The beauty of Raja Ampat really doesn’t have to be doubted. This place is one of the natural and underwater tourism paradises in Indonesia. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty which is very beautiful like in a fairy tale. The Raja Ampat Islands, which are only about 8,000 km2 in area, have a lot of beautiful natural charm. Those of you who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesian gems, must take the time to vacation with the recommendations

Almost all the tourist attractions available in Raja Ampat are completely beautiful and interesting to explore. However, of course there are some of the best tourist attractions in Raja Ampat that you shouldn’t miss. The following is a list of the best tourist attractions that you can explore while on vacation here.

1. Wayag

Tourist attractions in Raja Ampat that you should not miss is Wayag. Wayag is an island consisting of a group of small islands filled with trees. Wayag Island is one of the icons in Raja Ampat and a favorite of many tourists. You can take pictures against the backdrop of a beautiful cluster of small islands.

2. Pencil Stone

One of the tourist attractions in Raja Ampat that you should not miss is the Pencil Stone. This place is in the form of a cluster of small islands with one of the islands having a stone resembling a pencil. The island around it forms an intricate maze. Those of you who want to explore it must use a local guide so you don’t get lost.

3. Star Lagoon

Raja Ampat’s tourism potential is actually very much, one of which is the Star Lagoon. This lagoon has a unique star shape with very clear water. To get here you have to climb the hill first. Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also swim and do snorkeling to see the beauty of marine life in this place.

4. Arborek Village

Arborek is one of the tourist attractions in Raja Ampat which is a shame if you miss it. This village is only an island with an area of 7 hectares, but the scenery is very beautiful. You only need 30 minutes to go around the village. During this exploration you can see how beautiful nature is available in Raja Ampat. You can also play fine white sand here.

5. Misool

A tourist destination in Raja Ampat that can make your vacation even longer complete is Misool. Misool is one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat with a variety of interesting natural attractions. You can explore this island and visit every corner. Here you can find a world paradise tucked away in the eastern part of Indonesia.