20 Eid Cookies: Unique and Iconic, a Must Have!

20 Eid Cookies: Unique and Iconic, a Must Have!

It doesn’t feel like the holy month of ramadan will end, proving that the eid al-fitr 2023 or 1444 h is arriving right away.

It has become the culture of the indonesian people to stay in touch at the homes of relatives and colleagues on eid. However, unfortunately in the midst of this pandemic we should take care of ourselves so that we can stay at home to reduce the transmission rate of the virus and the situation will get better quickly.

Fortunately, you can still give the people closest to you a delicious and delicious cake so they will remember. Among the various types of eid pastries currently available, there are several types that are favorites of many people and have even become iconic on holidays as reported from the https://therollingpincookies.com/ website.

Syringe cake

The syringe cake is shaped like a rose as well as the sun, so many call it a rose cake. The texture and taste are similar to sago cookies, but it feels drier when bitten and doesn’t crumble easily in the mouth.

Peanut cake

Peanut cake has a distinctive sweet and savory taste. To make peanuts, you need an oven because the dough needs to be baked until it dries.

Cheese cookies

This type of cheese cookies or kaastengels is one of the typical Eid pastries which is almost always found in every house that celebrates it. This cake is sprinkled with Edam cheese or Cheddar cheese. Not infrequently, parmesan cheese is often added so that the distinctive aroma of the cheese is more pronounced. This cake has a crunchy texture and savory salty taste.

Peanut cookies

This typical Eid cake uses peanuts as the main ingredient. The savory and sweet taste makes this cake so popular. Usually, these pastries are printed in various shapes, then placed in jars.

Nastar: Legendary pastries filled with pineapple jam

Nastar is a typical Eid cake with dough that tends to be soft and filled with pineapple jam. The sweet and sour taste of pineapple jam makes these pastries popular with many people.

Nastar delicacy filled with pineapple jam must have been familiar with your Eid celebrations. If you are interested in seeing various choices of the best nastar cake brands, click on the article link below!