Unique Dragon Ball Facts You May Not Know

Unique Dragon Ball Facts You May Not Know

Son Goku is the main character in the very popular Dragon Ball series. For fans of this series, maybe you will be curious about some interesting facts about Dragon Ball Son Goku that you may have never heard of before, available on the https://saiyanyourself.com/ site. So, this time, Dunia Games will discuss some interesting facts about Dragon Ball Son Goku. Wre they? Instead of being curious, let’s just take a good look at the discussion below, guys!

1. Inspired by Monkey King, Journey to the West/Kera Sakti

This one fact is probably already known by most fans. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, has also admitted that he got the inspiration to make this series from Journey to the West. Therefore the Saiyan race has a physique like a monkey, because Goku himself was made based on the Monkey King character from Journey to the West. There are several other characters who are also inspired by Journey to the West, such as Bulma, Oolong, and Krillin. But over time, elements from Journey to the West slowly began to disappear.

2. There is Goku Day in Japan!

In Japan there are indeed quite a lot of special calendars that are present because of certain anime or manga, one of which is Goku. Every May 9 in Japan there is always celebrated as Goku day because the numbers 5 and 9 are pronounced like “go” and “ku”. Therefore every May 9th they always celebrate that date as Goku Day.

3. Never Beat Vegeta In A Battle

Throughout the Dragon Ball series, the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta never stops. However, audiences have never seen Goku defeat Vegeta in battle, in fact it is Vegeta who has beaten Goku many times.
This happens because Goku has great compassion for his opponent, even though this has backfired on him — for example, when Goku saves Frieza, and Goku gives senzu beans to Cell.

So in conclusion Vegeta has never lost to Goku at all. Even though Vegeta’s abilities seem weaker than Goku’s, the fact is that Vegeta often outperforms Goku in any way, one of which was when Vegeta managed to create Super Saiyan Blue Evolved in the Tournament of Power.

4. Goku is Afraid of Needles

Every strong anime character has a weakness that makes them a coward, like Goku who has a fear of needles. As someone who has never felt intimidated by anything, facing Goku’s needles is very unsettling. At first it seemed like it was made just for a joke, but Goku’s weakness becomes a nightmare for him when dealing with Cell, because Cell uses his tail as a needle to fight his enemies.

5. Have 9 Forms of Change

Actually, Goku has many forms of transformation, but there are only nine that are considered canon by fans, namely:

Great Ape;
Kaio Ken;
Super Saiyans;
Super Saiyan 2;
Super Saiyan 3;
Super Saiyan 4;
Super Saiyan God;
Super Saiyan Blue;
Ultra Instinct.