Get to know what housing is, types & differences from settlements

Get to know what housing is, types & differences from settlements

Housing complex is a residential area that is the dream of many people. Cluster houses are one example. Apart from the very supportive environmental security reasons, the facilities and infrastructure in the housing are quite complete. However, there are also some people who are even less interested in living in a residential area because the cost of living is considered too high. So, so you don’t get confused, you can refer to the following review about what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in housing and the differences from settlements. Check it out!

What is Housing?

If you look at Law No. 4 of 1992, housing is a collection of houses that act as living areas, where the environment is equipped with various facilities and infrastructure. Meanwhile, based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the definition of housing is a group of several residential units. From this definition, it can be said that housing is an environment consisting of a number of residential houses and it is possible that there are social relations between residents. In general, housing complexes have various supporting facilities and community services which are subsystems of the surrounding area. In addition, housing generally includes implementing several rules, cultures, or value systems that must be obeyed by every occupant.

Differences in Settlements and Housing

From the explanation above, you may wonder what is the difference between settlement and housing. Even though they are both residential areas, these two things are indeed not the same. In Law No. 1 of 2011, it is explained that the definition of housing is a collection of several housing units and classified as part of a settlement. Meanwhile, settlement means part of the environment outside the protected area. When examined from its function, housing is used as an effort to fulfill livable houses. Meanwhile, settlements are useful for helping life and livelihood. In addition, the difference between the two can also be observed from the aspect of scale. Settlements themselves have a larger size when compared to housing complexes. This is because a settlement may consist of a number of residential areas.

Housing Types

Well, housing itself has several types. The types of housing are as follows.

1. Residence

Residence is one of the housing styles that tends to carry a minimalist and simple design. This type of dwelling is generally built side by side with uniform size and shape. The location for the construction of residences is generally on the outskirts of the city.

2. Clusters

Then, there is also the cluster housing style. This type of residence is not much different from a residence, which has a similar concept, shape and size to one another. However, the difference is that cluster houses tend to have a modern concept and are slightly more exclusive than residences. Apart from that, the clusters are quite large in number, ranging from tens to hundreds. But this quantity is certainly not as much as residential housing.

3. Townhouses

The last type of housing is the townhouse. This is the most exclusive residential style compared to the others. The number of townhouse units is generally too limited, namely dozens to dozens. The facilities are far more complete and modern than other housing styles. However, of course the price of townhouse housing is more expensive. In contrast to clusters and residences, they have affordable prices.

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