Discussing culinary delights in Tasikmalaya is simply limitless

Discussing culinary delights in Tasikmalaya is simply limitless. This time we will discuss one of the japanese restaurants in Tasikmalaya

Mashu Yakiniku & Shabu-Shabu, is one of the eastern eating places in Tasikmalaya, of path with cheap costs and also halal.

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The place for Mashu Yakiniku & Shabu-Shabu is on Jl. Sutisna Senjaya No. 49, Empangsari, Kec. Tawang, Kab. Tasikmalaya.

This japanese restaurant is open every 10.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB. there are various food menus with the subject of this Sakura land.

For those of you who’re curious about any menus and prices, assessment this article to the give up.

mentioned from Instagram, then the menu list and fees:

1. widespread bundle IDR 143,000 Nett. There are Wagyu Steaks and Diced Wagyu.
2. premium Buffet bundle IDR one hundred sixty five,000 loose Mozzarella Cheese. there’s highly spiced Suki Shabu, Garlic Suki Shabu, Negi Karubi, Niku Karubi, Monster Karubi.
3. Wahyu Buffet IDR 225,000. consists of Wagyu Steak 160g, Wagyu Strip, free fashionable, top rate applications, and unfastened Moza Cheese.
4. pleasure package IDR ninety nine,000 internet IDR 109,000 according to person. This bundle also consists of 4 popular red meat Plates, 1 chicken Plate, 1 Dory Plate.
5. Bestie package IDR sixty nine,000 internet IDR seventy six,000 consistent with character. This package is only Suki Shabu, with a minimum order of four pax in line with desk.

The provisions for packages based totally on children encompass, for the ones whose peak is less than one hundred and five cm it’s miles loose. For height less than 135 cm half of rate.

lastly, until a baby is over a hundred thirty five cm, it’s the same as the adult fee package deal. For greater info, here is a listing of half charge youngsters:

1. wellknown Buffet children: IDR seventy five,000
2. top rate youngsters Buffet: IDR ninety five,000
three. Wagyu Buffet youngsters: IDR a hundred and fifteen,000
four. Rp. 99,000 delight package deal children: Rp. fifty five,000
five. Bestie bundle IDR sixty nine,000 kids: IDR 38,000

Mashu Yakiniku & Shabu-Shabu uses top rate red meat with unequalled high-quality.

For the taste no question, so scrumptious and delicious. furthermore, except that each one the meals here is halal certified and has acquired an MUI certificate.

This eating place has a fairly massive location, prepared with good enough facilities including a VIP room, prayer room, youngsters corner, and of route all regions with an Instagramable jap stall idea.