A Family Restaurant in Bandung That Makes Gatherings Fun

A Family Restaurant in Bandung That Makes Gatherings Fun

Bandung is famous for its development in the culinary world, which always sees new innovations. Many cafes or restaurants have unique and instagramable concepts to attract young people. Unfortunately, not all of these beautiful cafes are suitable for visiting with family. It could be because the size is not very large, the atmosphere is very crowded, or the facilities are not quite suitable for small children. To answer all of these worries, we have summarized family restaurants in Bandung that make family gatherings more exciting and special. Come on, check out the complete list https://www.emilierestaurant.com/!

Roemah Seafood

Roemah Seafood is one of the most popular places to eat in Bandung. Even many popular artists and public figures stop by here, you know! The place is in the form of a touch-up house, has a beach feel with ornaments such as surfboards, sand and beach rocks, and includes a sunset mural. The food ingredients here are guaranteed to be fresh because there are live lobster and crab ponds. After you order, then the lobster or crab is weighed and processed. Lobster seasoned with hot chilli, garlic butter, and salted egg is one of the mainstay menus in this area.

Cafe D’Pakar

Eating with family accompanied by natural scenery and cool air certainly makes gatherings even more special. One of the places you can visit is Cafe D’Pakar in the Dago area. There are indoor and outdoor areas with several styles of dining areas. For example, tables and chairs come from tree trunks on the edge of a cliff to small huts shaped like ships. The variety of food also varies, from snacks to heavy meals, the majority of which are Indonesian dishes.

90 Kitchens & Bars

The place is very large and divided into several rooms. Each room has a different feel, even though there is always one theme and all of them are instagramable. The menu choices are varied, there are various Japanese foods such as ramen, udon, curry and tenpayaki. There are also Western and Italian foods such as pizza, pasta, and steak. Indonesian food lovers can always be spoiled with a number of typical Indonesian menus.


Coming to an all you can eat place, like Jiganasuki, can be a solution if your family likes to eat big. There are several packages that you can take, including Diamond (Rp. 327 thousand), Platinum (Rp. 258 thousand), Gold (Rp. 180 thousand), Silver (Rp. 165 thousand), and Bronze (Rp. 140 thousand). For the Silver package, you can only enjoy suki without a grill, in other words, grilled, but the Bronze package can only enjoy the buffet menu without suki or grill. Gold package and above get special style beef, namely US beef and New Zealand beef. Guaranteed you will be happy because there are so many choices. Starting from a variety of rice, sushi, dessert, and dozens of types of drinks that you can enjoy without limits.